How We Got Started

Blazing Swan Inc. is a not-for-profit organisation, run by a volunteer committee of burners that have been to Burning Man, America, several times and have also been closely involved in setting up and organising regional burns in South Africa (AfrikaBurn) and the east coast of Australia (Burning Seed). The committee is supported in its work by a large number of volunteers.

Our Objectives

The objects of the Blazing Swan Association are to:

  • organise, develop and promote:
    (i) an annual arts, music, and cultural festival which is inclusive, accepting, and safe;
    (ii) other related events promoting self expression, identity and understanding;
  • foster and create new art projects in Western Australia;
  • develop and support workshops and training activities;
  • support and develop community based fundraising events to further the Association’s objects;
  • train volunteers to facilitate the Association’s objects; and
  • conduct the Association’s activities in an environmentally sustainable manner.

We Are Underway for 2018…

Tickets on sale


Art Grants Allocated


Preparing Site


Organising Art and Installations


Having Fun


Building Effigy


Building Temple


The Blazing Swan Committee would like to thank the Lucchesi Family for the use of the Bush Races site on their farm - for just being so very helpful for everything!

Blazing Swan thanks the Lucchesi Family

Without the cooperation of the Kulin Shire Blazing Swan would not be possible!

Blazing Swan thanks the Kulin Shire

Kulin Bush Races committee - thank you for all your support in setting up the event and the infrastructure!

Blazing Swan thanks the Kulin Bush Races committee

Thanks to the entire team at Kulin's St John's Ambulance. Thanks for your help and support!

Blazing Swan thanks Kulin St John's Ambulance

Lets face it - without the volunteers we would be lost! Thank you all for your time and energy to make Blazing Swan the amazing event it is.

Blazing Swan thanks all our Volunteers